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Tony Tang

I'm an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Calgary. I'm passionate about Human-Computer Interaction and other weird things.

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Executive Summary

Anthony Tang is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. He leads the RICELab (Rethinking Interaction, Collaboration and Engagement) group, which focuses on Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Ubiquitous Computing. His interdisciplinary research team regularly comprises a mix of undergraduates and graduate students at both levels (MSc and PhD), and he supervises students from Computer Science and the Computational Media Design program.

Research Overview

Anthony’s work investigates the design of immersive analytics tools, where tools give people new ways of thinking about and interacting with their data, and analyzing and discussing their data with others. His research involves primarily three major types of activities: the investigation of domain-specific communication and interaction practices between people and technology; the design of new technologies to address needs in those domain-specific contexts, and the evaluation of interaction technologies. These activities cut across three theme areas:

  • Mixed-reality computing. Augmented reality technologies allow us to use context (e.g. visual context, physical location, etc.) to design rich embodied experiences interaction (e.g. gestures) that take advantage novel output devices (head-mounted displays, tablets, mobiles).
  • Digital workrooms. New technologies for collaboration in next generation meeting rooms, which will be comprised of large interactive surfaces (walls and tables), and personal devices.
  • Health and wellness. As new media technologies become increasingly pervasive, there is a huge opportunity to explore new designs for domestic and personal wellness applications.


  • NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010, University of British Columbia
  • MSc Computer Science, 2005, University of Calgary
  • BSc Computer Science and Psychology, 2002, Simon Fraser University

Teaching and Supervision

Anthony teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate-level Computing Science courses at the University of Calgary. This includes the introduction of two entirely new courses (a senior-level undergrad HCI course, and a grad-level seminar course) to the Computer Science curriculum.

He supervises an interdisciplinary team across a range of levels, including BSc, MSc, PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows. He also regularly participates as an advisor or examiner on both Masters and PhD candidacy and supervisory committees.

Grants and Funding

Anthony’s work is funded by an NSERC Discovery Grant ($170,000 over 5 years) supplemented by an NSERC Discovery Grant Accelerator Supplement ($120,000 over 3 years), and an Eyes High Doctoral Recruitment Award ($100,000 over 4 years). He has previously been funded by an NSERC Discovery Grant with an Early Career Research Supplement ($110,000 over 5 years), as a Collaborating Network Investigator in the GRAND NCE ($42,000 total), the NSERC SurfNet Strategic Network ($75,000 for 2015), NSERC’s ENGAGE program (2 x $25,000), and the MITACS Accelerate Program (2 x $15,000). He has held a URGC Seed Grant ($18,000), and also gifts from Nokia ($20,000).